Sunday, November 19, 2006

Joseph Murphy's memories

My Pre-Birth in the spirit world as I know it to be. I was born in in another place and in another time before I had ever seen a set of biological parents to me from my birth in 1956. I first recall awakeing inside of a tunnel where I had found my self a sleep at then. And I was asking my self this question then. What am I doing here. How did I get here in to this place. I had sat up here inside of this place then still wondering how that I even got here to this place yet you know. And that is when I had started moveing forward in side of this dark tunnel to where I could still see at. And eventuelly I had moved to the front in such a fashion with out walking here that I was able to eventuely see for the first time to me here in front of me. Here what I call a bright and clear buetiefull blue sky with puffy white clouds in the center of it. And the brownish area over to the left of it. Where just above the brownish area was also a blackish area as well then too. And a mands voice had all so spoken to me at this point. Now go thy way and teach the people of these things that you have seen here and been a part of, So that they may believe in them. And it wasn't long after this that I stood up on my feet so that I could go and see out in front of me what this clear blue thing realy was in front of me. And thats when I had fell instead through a round hole in the grey clouds beneath me here. This hole its self, Where I had fell through at then. Its own walls around it then. Were very thick and it had seemed like it was for ever then. For me to fall through this hole in these grey clouds beneath me where I was at then. And I had just kept on falling downward here where I was at then. And then all of a sudden the big hole beneath me here where I was at. Had open up to where I could see what looked like ground with grass on it beneath me here then. Then some thing off to my left had caught my eye then in the way of broken up old biuldings then. And it looked like a city had been destroyed at one time or another. Before my time. It had looked to me like a battle had taken place between god and the angels at one time or another. Then that area had disapeared on me just as I was still falling downword towards the ground its self then. I had turned away from that area to see in front of me here then to this ground its self. And a small boy was out in front of me running here then away from me towards another area with trees and people in it. That is when I had seen the downed large white marble like collumns them selves laying on there sides on the ground next to each other. And I had landed on the ground its self and hurt my left ankle then and got to my feet then. And went on trying to get this boy to come back to me then so that we could set down and play then. I dont know who he was then. But he wouldn't come back as I had tried to get him to do so. I was talking to him by thought transfer so to speak and not verbally as any one of us would know it today. As I had put my left hand on the end of this one column to go around it then. I hit my left knee on the end of this collumn going around it then. And had just kept going and that is when I had gotten a clear view of the people in front of me here who was going two on two in to this darkened door way that was to my left then. And you could not see in to this darkened door way to my left its self here where I had stopped at and squatted down to my feet at then. And I got to my feet then and went through these people and the line that they were in then. And there was also biulding pieces still laying on the ground its self that had to be stepped over as we'll that had to be walked around or stepped over then. Where safety would be concerned at in our own lifes today. And I had followed this young boy own through this line of people them selves where on the other side of them then. We had caught up to each other then. And I had stopped next to him just under the trees and bushes them selves then. Because I was simply enterested in what was on the other side of this darkened out door way that I could not see through then. And I was thinking about going through this door way to see what was on the other side of it then. And that is when I heard this big mans very loud voice on the other side way up above me then. And I had looked up above me to see who it was yelling at my direction then. And this gentleman must have towered about 60 feet or more above me then in height at that moment. And the young boy was all ready gone by this time then. I had turned then and gotten to my feet and ran through the bushes next to me here and that is when I had ran out in to the open and amongst this swirling greyish smoke up around my own legs then to me. And I could no longer see my own feet then. And this boy was out in front of me here then in this smokey like misty area. As I was trying to talk to him to please come back to me here. I didn't want to see him fall through no open holes that we could not see then. And he was standing up against a wall of black cloudy looking stuff that was also a mixture of greyness that was constantly moveing up and down then. And he had turned just long enough to me to look at my direction. And that is when he turned his head back and looked in the forward area ahead of him then. And he then disapeared on me never to be seen by me again. And it wasn't long after that. I had also lost track of this grey area that I was in ither. I had found my self slideing down through another darkened tunnel its self where things had begun to hapen to me at. And I had started to seeing flashes of white lights comeing straight at my face then. Electric lights like flashes then. And that is when I had started moveing backwards then to get away from these lghts only to start feeling different things to hapening to me then. One thing was that I had felt the hole right cheek area getting very wet and slick then for me. For me that feeling was the most yulky feeling that I could have ever felt and known about it then. And then after that, I had recieved a sudden head aik its self and that not long after that. It was then, That my head had went through a sudden hole like feeling its self then. Where I ended up with water like stuff inside of my own mouth along with blood and what ever else comes along with a biological birth then. And that is when I had seen the walls and floor of the hospital room its self that my own biological mother was inside of then. And boy was it cold to me then. When I had come out of my biological mother then. The doctor had caught me feet first then. And had used his hand to spat me to get me to crying then. Which had hurt like everything then.